Friday, 12 July 2013

Six things not to do on Twitter

Twitter is one of the biggest social media platforms out there. Everyday articles are posted, shared and talked about. With everything that is put out there and all there is little wonder that people make mistakes. But few people understand that Twitter is also an advertising platform. Everything you push on Twitter says something about you and your brand. So if you do make a mistake it can make a dent in your publishing career. So here are six things not to do on Twitter...

1.                   Don’t comment on an article without reading it

There are those that comment solely based on the title or first line of a tweet. People can tell if you haven’t read the article you are commenting on. Sometimes titles can be misleading or the article has a secret message. Read the articles not just the tweets. It looks unprofessional and it will cost your reputation.

It is also advisable to make sure that you aren't making the same point if you want to debate a topic. It will look silly if aren't adding to the conversation but debating for the sake of it.

2.                   Don’t DM people for articles / products

I don’t really want to go over this again – but it seems people do not understand. In fact I now get more DMs than I did before. So I will just link here to my original article for you to read.

3.                   Don’t acknowledge those who share your news

People just forget their please and thank you when people share their tweets. If you can remember to do that it shows that you are caring person who is mindful of the people who help them.

4.                   Spam

Spamming is ineffective. It is as simple as that. I’ve written about it before for Facebook groups but the message is very useful for Twitter as well.

5.                   Directly insult other authors

It is unprofessional to say something nasty to people on social media. Don’t show your nasty side and stay polite with all conversation.

6.                   Don’t expect everything for nothing

Work hard with your following and reap the rewards. Too many people expect to sit back after they have posted and watch the results fly in. Work with your following to get better results and remember that social media is a two way conversation.

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