Monday, 8 July 2013

The six winners of the e-book revolution

The traditional publishers often comment that they are losing out due to the self publishing author and there are many commentators that suggest that readers are losing out too. With the merger of the two of the big six it is becoming true at least the traditional publishers are losing out from the new trend in publishing. However there are several winners from this industry and here they are and why.

1.       Readers

Yes they are winners. There is more choice, lower prices, more ways to read and better avenues for expressing their opinions. Yes you can argue that some indie books are poor, but so are some traditionally published books – it is all a matter of subjective opinion.

2.       Amazon

Amazon’s e-book reader Kindle and the fact that they have what could be about 60% or more of the e-book market has made them millions. So there is no doubt that they are a winner in the indie revolution.

3.       Mark Coker

You can hardly question that without Mark Coker the indie world would be so strong. Smashwords has given him an excellent presence in the publishing world where traditional publishers view him as the leader of the revolution alongside Amazon.

4.       Freelancers

Whether a cover artist, editor or formatter; the revolution has opened the doors to many freelancers on obtaining new work increasing their end of year earnings. It has allowed some bad eggs to seep in and give poor service to authors but it has also allowed great talent to shine that was otherwise hidden.

5.       The internet

The revolution has brought a revolution of critics as well. No longer are book reviewers hiding in newspapers but they have blogs and websites. There are also many sites which contain great articles for readers and writers which may not have existed before.

6.       Authors

Yes authors have won in the revolution. Now they have choice over their path, now they have control over their work and now they have a decent cut over their sales. And if it wasn’t for the authors then the revolution wouldn’t have happened and the other five wouldn’t have gained anything.

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