Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Cover Reveal: Entrapment: Book One of the PIT Series

For those who know, I have been starting a Paranormal / Supernatural series for some time. I foresee it as a cross between Supernatural and the X-files. Well I am pleased to announce that the first book in the series is in the editing stages and the front cover has been designed. And for the benefit of everyone reading I am sharing it here on my blog.

To give everyone a little taste of what the book is about here is a very short synopsis:

2nd Lieutenant Hayley Howard is assigned to the Paranormal Investigation Team in order to find evidence that it is not in the best interests of national security. When she gets there she is pushed into an investigation of several hockey players from a club in London. As the evidence mounts against her previous opinions her world collapses. Can she survive her ordeal in an underworld that only existed previously in her nightmares?

I would love to hear your opinions. Why don't you comment here on the blog with your thoughts on the cover?

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