Friday, 14 June 2013

Six Reasons Why Reviewing Is Good

Okay for every author, the nugget at the end of the book is the review that readers leave. For authors the review can be very rewarding with the potential of using it in marketing drives, convincing browsers to try their book, showing off to wife / mum or hanging on the wall for some good decoration. But for the general readers there can sometimes be less of a reward. Or is there? In this blog post I will give you six reasons why to leave a review.

1.       It supports an author to produce more work

This is a strange one really, but if you give a good review then the author can use it in their promotional material and other readers will buy the book. This in turn will give the author more money and allow them to spend money on editing / cover design / formatting producing more work which you have enjoyed.

2.       It guides an author to where they need to concentrate

Think an author needs to work on a certain character? A plot line? Or needs to rethink their writing style, this is your chance to help them out. By giving them some constructive feedback you are able to guide the majority of authors down a track that push them to produce better content for you and other readers.

3.       It can get you free stuff

On Amazon there is the top reviewers list. Companies, authors and product designers scour these lists to find people who will test or read their materials in order to get good reviews. And they will give it for free. Want free books? Get on that list!
4.       It can make you money

If you opened up a blog and used Amazon’s, Smashwords’ and others’ affiliate programs then you can make money from people clicking through from your reviews to buy the book. Plus most sites have it that if the person buys another product within X number of hours, you’ll get that commission too. Perfect if someone buys a 99 cents book and then a 300 dollar washing machine.

5.       It can give you some authority

Become good enough, post often with concise, brilliantly written reviews and people will view you as an expert. This will give you authority and can lead to some interesting new possibilities you never knew before.

6.       It can be fun

Reviewing books is fun. If you make enough money out it, you can lounge around your house reading books. Who wouldn’t want that? Even if you don’t earn enough; you can earn a little extra, make friends and become an expert in the writing world just by doing something you love.

So there you have it; a list of reasons why you should review. However saying all of this I acknowledge that there are times when reviews just aren’t right. Reviewing is still a personal choice; I just wanted to highlight some of the lesser known benefits of reviewing.

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