Tuesday, 11 June 2013

This Weeks Plan - 11/06/2013

So for the past few days I have not been able to really get to the computer to write blog posts. I am sorry for that but my wife is currently finishing off her uni course, I’ve had a cold recently and I’ve been putting what energy I could into finishing off Entrapment’s editing so I could send it to my editor.

So whereas I don’t have anything inspirational / advisory / [insert something here] to pass to you today; I thought I would give you this week’s plan.

1.       First Off I need to write some blog posts, I am currently looking into writing a supernatural series on the blog about where my inspirations come from talking about specific cases and their history. The series will run once a week and will feature ghosts, vampires and other cases of the supernatural. So stay tuned for that.
2.       As well as the supernatural series I want to write a couple of posts about “6 Things You should Never Do as a Writer”; “6 Reasons Why Reviewing is Good” and “Six good writing books”
3.       I might try and write a short story while I wait for my development editor and subsequently my copy editor to get back to me. I have an excellent idea in my head and it would be good to get that down on screen.
4.       Finish arrow – this may sound weird to put on here, but it has been sitting on my recording box now for months and whilst I wait for feedback, I don’t want to be checking my PC every 10 minutes. Perfect time to catch up on a series. Plus Elementary just finished and there is a gaping hole in my life (although The Apprentice) may fill that for a little while.
5.       Go crabbing – yes crabbing is important for my writing. As I sit there waiting for the elusive 9th crab to equal my record (at the moment I can only catch 8 it seems – there are others in there, but they seem to escape the bucket every time I catch them) I think of new storylines and new characters. It is a great way to relax.
6.       Do some more reading. I’ve got tonnes of books to read. I would really like to get another couple read this week and one or two reviewed.
7.   I am to come up with a couple of competition ideas for when my next book is released. I want to create more interaction on the blog and a competition is a good way to do that.

So those are my plans. Have you got a plan this week? How do you plan your writing week?

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