Monday, 27 May 2013

My Six Most Favourite Advice Blog Posts By Me

For this week I am going to do a series looking back at some of my favourite posts over the past year in various categories. Today my I thought I would go through my 6 most favourite advice blog posts from across the web. Some of these are on this blog, some on my review blog and some as guest posts across the web. Unfortunately there wasn't enough room for all my articles.

A very recent post, yet this post got a lot of attention almost immediately. Barely anyone really commented on this post, yet most comments seemed to agree with the contents. However ironically since I posted this message I’ve received more Direct Messages advertising books, social media help, etc.

This article came from a chance encounter. It was only when I was enquiring about giving my book to the legal deposit with the British Library that they told me in a few days the law was changing I would have the choice between giving an e-book or a paper copy. What amazed me was that very few if any knew about this.

This is a rather sensitive subject for some authors. But yet it technically has no effect on their sales. In fact if anything it increases the number of potential readers. This is my business and economical argument for a basic free e-reader.

This is a post that came to me in the middle of the night and I just had to write it. It is an article that authors can use in any part of their writing.

This is one of my most favourite posts and it is one that got a lot of attention for my review blog very early on. Its points are still valid even today and it is still viewed by dozens of people each every month.

1.       Analysis of Bublish – A New Marketing Methodthat is Back to Basics

This is the post that has had the most attention and still draws in the most visitors each month. What I loved about this post is that it was about a new website giving authors a chance for decent free promotion.

I’ve written many advice blogs over the past 10 months. Are there any that you think should have gone in the list?

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