Thursday, 2 May 2013

Review for "Ghost Haunts"

For those did not know, Ghost Haunts had a great review over a recent promotion.

Enjoyable collection of ghost stories

Ghost Haunts is a collection of short ghost stories. I must admit, I thought they would all be more about a haunting, but I was pleasantly surprised to find each story to have its own take on being touched or communicated with from beyond. It was within these short stories that you are introduced to the differences -- whether creepy, good ole' ghost stories, to some touching love stories and even a few that make you stop and wonder . . . The first story was just that and as it unfolded, you could almost stop to wonder if seeing what others cannot could explain some behaviors in people. It was a nice assortment and although I only expected to read a few at each sitting I found myself continuing to the next until completed. A good, quick read.

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