Wednesday, 8 May 2013

This week's plan

So this week I have had a plan. Of course it has been a little scuppered already... but I can get it back.

This weekend I had a client for the formatting side of my profile. It was nice having to work on a manuscript and get it polished into a position where it could be loaded up onto Amazon / Smashwords. Now that is done I will concentrate on reforming the review blog and finishing off the first draft of the first book in the PIT series. I spent a while not wanting to write a certain section because it was going to be tough. But I eventually forced myself and it didn't turn out so tough. Now I am past that I am speeding away. Often on my twitter account and facebook page you can see what I have done before the kids have woken up. Most days it is between 600 and 800 words. I want to write at least 8,000 words this week.

I've also got a plan to replace my author photo. I've found a lovely spot on the pier that has a beautiful view across the sea onto the beach and some sea cliffs with a historic Napoleonic watch tower. Should be a lot better than I have now, but I have to make sure the weather is good for it to work. That's tough being in the UK.

I've also written a post about hootsuite and how useful it is for authors. I am not sure what to do with it to be honest. Do I post it on here? On the review blog. My mind is so confused. What do you think?

While I am here lets mention that on Saturday I went crabbing. My record for crabs is 9 in a session. This week I managed 8. I was unlucky as in the last twenty minutes I must of caught four or five crabs that fell off before getting to bucket, which means that they don't count towards the final count. But it is good to see the crabs are still doing well down there.

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